Porkins Policy Radio episode 113 Michael Swanson on Ken Burns Vietnam Propaganda (10/17/2017)

Notes by Pearse Redmond on the show:

“Michael Swanson, the author of The War State, joins me for an in-depth discussion of the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick Vietnam documentary series. I begin the conversation by discussing my own fascination with the Vietnam War. I talk about the influence my father has had on my understanding of the war, touching on his experiences with the army when he was drafted in 1969. Michael and I then dive into the film itself. We look at some of the serious flaws and aspects that the we felt were left out with the film including the CIA and drug trafficking. Michael and I dive deeper into the bizarre narrative that Burns and Novick craft, whereby the politicians and military leaders are never shown actually making policy decisions, but instead are shown as making bad choices with good intentions. Michael and I explore this concept in some depth and offer up our own reasons for why the Vietnam war….”

For full show notes and Pearse Redmond’s website go here Porkins Policy Radio episode 113 Michael Swanson on Ken Burns Vietnam Propaganda

Private Spies: James Angelton vs. Army Intelligence with The Dallas Action – Mike Swanson (10/15/2017)

On this interview with The Dallas Action podcast I talked about a new story uncovered in which James Angleton played a “marked card” against an ex-Army intelligence captain who ran a “secret team” style covert spy web during World War II.

Listen to “#119~ October 14, 2017: "Private Spies: James J. Angleton Vs. Army Intelligence."” on Spreaker.

“This week, we’re going to study the murky history of a Super-Secret, off-the-books, private intelligence network born inside Army Intelligence during WWII, formed under the tightest secrecy for the express purpose of rivaling Bill Donovan’s OSS. We’ll learn how this network became a completely autonomous entity after the War, farming it’s services out to the highest bidder, and how James Angleton from CIA used a Signature Play to bring them down.” – Doug Campbell.

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