Carmine Savastano on a Possible Suspect JFK Assassination-The Ochelli Effect (07/21/2017)

On this segment of the Ochelli Effect Carmine Savastano talked about a possible suspect in the JFK assassination.

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Oliver Stone rages against the machine – Black Op Radio #844 (07/20/2017)

Oliver Stone interview with Len Osanic
Len and Oliver have collaborated on work regarding Fletcher Prouty
Both continue to work with Tony Lyons and Skyhorse Publishing
Oliver praises Reclaiming Parkland: (DiEugenio 2013)
Tom Hanks, Vincent Bugliosi, and the JFK Assassination in the New Hollywood
The best examination of the evidence, there is not evidence for a conviction
Oliver continues to speak out on the subject of the JFK assassination
He still feels compassionately about the work of Jim Garrison
The assassination is where we are now, the Kennedy era was a point of change
There is now a second edition of JFK and Vietnam (Newman 2017)……

…and much more…