A Look at the origins of the John Birch Society in the 1950’s and Today’s “Alt-Right” – Mike Swanson (07/25/2017)

Last night I was live on The Ochelli effect to follow up on a conversation we started last week about the far-right in the United States in the past and today.

To listen to yesteray’s MP3 recording you can download it too by clicking here.

To listen to that first part go here: Ochelli Effect 7/18/2017: an intro to the the far-right in the US and political ideologies

These are notes I took to get ready for the show tonight.

I’ll be talking about the John Birch Society as the real precursor to Alex Jones and the so called “alt-right.”

And I’ll also talk about the real social basis for its organization back when it was formed. Who were the people in it?

Politico article this week linking a rise in the John Birch Society to Donald Trump:

The John Birch Society is Back – Politico.com

Here is a review of two books I reviewed a year ago that are about this topic and the far-right in Dallas in 1963.

Dallas, Texas: Nut Country, 1963

1962 anti-JBS folk song:

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