AMLASH 1 2 3 Anti-Castro Plots and Exiles – Author Carmine Savastano on The Ochelli Effect (09/03/2017)

New Cryptonyms , New Identifications , and old evidence linked to , AMLASH 1 2 3 Anti-Castro Plots and Exiles
Reference 1: House Select Committee on Assassinations, Segregated CIA file, Microfilm Reel 51, Cubela-Davisdson, Biographic Notes, Rolando Cubela (or Cubelas) Secades, April, 1965… Reference 2: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Biographic Data on Cubela, Box 36, April 13, 1966, pp. 1-6… Reference 3: Ibid, Microfilm Reel 51, Cubela-Davidson, Robereno Marieguez, Carlos Jorge aka Jorge Robreno Marieguez or Marieges, February 27, 1964… Reference 4: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Microfilm Reel 51, Cubela-Davidson, Cable: Jorge Robreno Marigus, pp. 1-2… Reference 5: Federal Bureau of Investigation, HSCA Subject File, C-D, Church Committee, No Title, November 22, 1959, pp. 4, 5… Reference 6: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Cable: Alberto Blanco Romariz (aka “El Loco”) LCFLUTTERED and Debriefed per Ref 27, September… Reference 7: CIA, Russ Holmes Work File, Anti-Castro Activities Internal Security-Cuba, June 4, 1965… Reference 8: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Microfilm Reel 51, Folder G, Rolando Cubela Secades, CIA Operations and Plot to Kill Fidel Castro…, May 2, 1965… Reference 9: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Cable Re: 1. 24 Aug AMSPORT/1 had contact AMLASH/1, August 30, 1962… Reference 10: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Dispatch: Comments of Major Luis Crespo on Celia Sanchez, March 13, 1964… Reference 11: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Microfilm Reel 19, AMTRUNK, AMWHIP-1, AMMUG-1, Win Scott, Rolando Cubela Secades contacts in Europe, (n.d.)… Reference 12: Written List of Cryptonyms and Identities, Partially Withheld Document, 104-10169-10227, (n.d.)… AMLASH 1 2 3 Anti-Castro Plots and Exiles Carmine

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