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Private Spies: James Angelton vs. Army Intelligence with The Dallas Action – Mike Swanson (10/15/2017)

On this interview with The Dallas Action podcast I talked about a new story uncovered in which James Angleton played a “marked card” against an ex-Army intelligence captain who ran a “secret team” style covert spy web during World War II.

Listen to “#119~ October 14, 2017: "Private Spies: James J. Angleton Vs. Army Intelligence."” on Spreaker.

“This week, we’re going to study the murky history of a Super-Secret, off-the-books, private intelligence network born inside Army Intelligence during WWII, formed under the tightest secrecy for the express purpose of rivaling Bill Donovan’s OSS. We’ll learn how this network became a completely autonomous entity after the War, farming it’s services out to the highest bidder, and how James Angleton from CIA used a Signature Play to bring them down.” – Doug Campbell.

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The Ochelli Effect: Vietnam Lessons Unlearned Ever After – Mike Swanson (10/12/2017)

I was live Tuesday on The Ochelli Effect.

Chuck and I talked about episode 4 of the Ken Burns series on the Vietnam War. The show is starting to portray the war in very misleading ways. There has been zero discussion in it of what the views of those that thought the war could be won and an inaccurate depiction of the war itself was shown in this episode.

After I spoke JP Sotille of talked about the Las Vegas shooting last week and growth of “conspiracy rubes” on the internet.

You can download this as an MP3 by clicking here.