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Donald Trump’s UN Speech and the End of American Exceptionalism – Ochelli Effect (09/21/2017)

I’m usually a guest on The Ochelli Effect on Tuesday nights in the first half of the show, but could not make it this week. JP Sotille was on in the second half to talk about Donald Trump’s UN speech and how we seem to be moving towards a multipolar world that means the end of American exceptionalism. Few people today believe anymore that the US is a pure agent of good in a world of evil and only the US can do nation building salvation operations for people.

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The Ides of September Live on the Ochelli Effect – Mike Swanson (09/06/2017)

I was live on the Ochelli Effect Tuesday night at 8:00 PM.

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Prenotes before the show that I made:

As I have been saying on this show I see a coming crisis coming in October…with US politics and the financial markets…

Going to talk about some things will have my eyes on this month involving the stock market and the upcoming Ken Burns show..

We think in time frames…

72 hours news cycle (and trading)
1 month
1 year
3-5 years
AND the past…history…

Where does North Korea fit in this?

Yesterday Mattis/Dumford today gap down but is the show a distraction?

The long game plan – China cards

Stock market is convering 2400 on the SPX
IWM, % stocks…

With stock market’s don’t think in predictions, but trends and turning points…

Gold is alive…

Politics and propagnda –
Ken Burns show:

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick Tackle the Vietnam War – NY Times

“The seeds of disunion we experience today, the polarization, the lack of civil discourse all had their seeds in Vietnam,” Mr. Burns said. “I can’t imagine a better way to help pull out some of the fuel rods that create this radioactive atmosphere than to talk about Vietnam in a calm way.”


Mr. Burns, in addition to including a range of perspectives in the film, said he had deliberately sought financial support from “across the spectrum,” with sponsors including the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and David H. Koch.

“That’s a way of telling people ‘You can re-sheath your knives,’” he said.


While the people interviewed hold a range of views about the war, the filmmakers avoid what-ifs or might-have-beens, and don’t engage continuing debates over whether the war was winnable.


The film’s center of moral gravity is ordinary soldiers, whose sacrifice and loyalty to one another are repeatedly contrasted with the political machinations of the powerful, on both sides.

Not truth but deceny…

The opposite…

The long-play of Bannon’s political proganda…

The Trump Narrative: The Alt-Right’s Alternative Reality – JP Sottile

The big picture:

Donald Trump and the Coming Fall of American Empire – The Intercept