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How Can We Find The Truth In Crazy Media Times? – Mike Swanson (03/28/2017)

Tuesday night I was on the Ochelli Effect. You can listen here:

Or you can download the MP3 at the

Last week we ended talking about whether Bannon thinks the world economy is going to crash and the US can come on top….save that thought… I think of these shows as a conversation and going to return to that thread.

Thought we’d talk about the media today. The so called alternative media and the mainstream media. Really the two are now blurring and so are people’s sense of reality because the media people are getting less interested in it and more focused on fighting each other and talking Trump.

These are notes I made for myself to prep for the show with stories I plan to refer to – there are a lot and I may not get to them all so look at them and enjoy…a lot of good info here…

JP Sotille on CBS CEO says Trump is bad for the country, but great for CBS!: Trump Barks At The Moonves

Stories are getting more extreme.

I followed Drudge for years, but now I seem them link to stories that are likely simply totally made up.

Alex Jones NSA claims.

Freebeacon weirdness.

Alex Jones having to apologize:

Alex Jones Retracts: A Note to Our Listening, Viewing and Reading Audiences Concerning Pizzagate Coverage –

I got an email from someone from an earlier show who asked a simple question…

“”I just listened to podcast #13225 interview with Ochelli. You spoke a lot about deceptions i.e. fake media, conspiracy theories, cults, deep state,etc. Can you recommend any books or other tools that could help a person
learn how to think in a way which enhances the ability to separate the true from the false?”

Well simple questions are wise questions!

TV Trumpets from hell:

NBC News 6:30 – network news always opens with Trumpets from hell and don’t mean Donald Trump:

One example

starts with trump controversy…”night attack horror”…. “mob bust”….”american’s to watch to strike gold” and “michael phelps”

East Germany…

Control – make people keep watching – people enjoy it…they enjoy being scared and then feeling good at the end…

Or are they simply already scared before the show comes on?

Control = ratings = money…

Don’t forget people are scared… killer clowns cause school lockdowns…mall panics of 2016:

Trust Me I’m Lying Book…

Interview with author:

The yellow press free all ads…..internet “news” sites today….

Yellow press became pay muckrakers…real journalists funded by subscribers….

But today?

My trip to a major “news” office with over 100 employees that had zero journalists in it.


$30+ Million in revenue… no journalists!

Cycling the info…from NY Times & WAPO to Huffington Post… WSJ….

Propaganda websites spin it…. just like talk radio…

The story behind Unmasking the Men Behind Zero Hedge, Wall Street’s Renegade Blog – Bloomberg

It seems like it would be very EASY for someone to manipulate this system and create news.

But you can find the truth if you care…

The real question isn’t how do you know what is real or not – BUT DO YOU CARE?!?!?!?


WHAT AM I DOING I GOT TO ASK MYSELF? Easy to get caught in common FB Trap…. just saw it again! Matt Lauer..I’m a victim! or F*** YOU! just saw someone write this…”I have no problem reposting this. I do have a problem being asked to not show my religion too much! I have a problem with the media and anyone else who leaves out words like Christ or God because they may be afraid to offend someone. It offends me!”

So easy to play victim on FB!

Real journalists need institutional support or people help.

RSS feeds….

Variety of sources…


Takes work… I spend like an hour a day, but don’t watch much TV….many spend hours and hours every day watching TV… I can find out more in 15 minutes then they do in 3 hours…

A good question – am I learning or growing or wasting my life away?

25 years of “dittohead”????

WallStreetWindow – my biased outlet… – aggregates for you competing views…..

Follow people who care about the truth…

Don’t believe crazy unverified claims…and big problem when they come from the highest “authority”

Read these Trump statements carefully:

The Nation’s First Post-Modern President – Can President Trump Handle the Truth? – Time

RT.COM – forget the headlines..interesting quotes here on the real purpose of RT.COM:

page…6…see quote on page 18…

Russia Hacking Report

Alt-right UNZ Review – destroy the center by destroying the media and then replace it with ????

Ron Unz – American Pravda: Breaching the Media Barrier

A dream of the system going down the toilet to enact plans and dreams by forming a movement of post-modern obedient robots..

There is a reason why people get sucked in….view of the world and sense of reality… binary us vs. them….appeals to many…

And I see an ad here telling me the “dollars are disappearing”….

What do you see?….

Saving Private Ryan is the Greatest Pro-War Propaganda Movie Ever Made – Mike Swanson (10/12/2016)

The movie Saving Private Ryan came out in 1998 and was a movie blockbuster widely celebrated by critics who were taken into the movie by its battle scenes.

As a movie it’s great popcorn entertainment, but it is also a subtle form of modern day propaganda.

The mayhem and total violence stimulates the viewer as a form of action pornography.

It was so violent though and showed so much blood that critics took it as a powerful antiwar message that shows the cost of battle.

But in reality the movie actually was a celebration of war and the military-industrial complex.

Movie critic Rob Ager of collative learning shows how in this video.

People who actually fought in the Normandy Invasion had some reservations with the film.

Paul Fussell who was there on Normandy beach and became a professor after the war said, “the way Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan, after an honest, harrowing, 15-minute opening visualizing details of the unbearable bloody mess at Omaha Beach, degenerated into a harmless, uncritical patriotic performance apparently designed to thrill 12-year-old boys during the summer bad-film season. Its genre was pure cowboys and Indians, with the virtuous cowboys of course victorious.”

Filmer director Oliver Stone, who also has made war movies and served in war himself said that he made Platoon so that the public would remember the war in Vietnam.

“In Saving Private Ryan, you saw the worship of World War II as the good war,” Stone said, “Gladiator in 2001 was part of that war mindset. By the time of the Iraq War, we were ready to go back.”

“America loves war, America depends on war, and so does its industry,” said the director.

The movie made a generation of youngsters crave a new war adventure and a decade later some of them signed up and found out what war was really about for themselves.