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The Presidential Election and the American Global Empire – Mike Swanson (11/04/2016)

Journalist John Pilger tells Paul Jay of www.therealnews.com that the very real prospect of another World War is not being taken seriously by the American media.

Pilger says that the Clinton campaign is actually the epitome of the iron triangle corruption of Washington DC.

Whoever becomes President will be placed at the top of a permanent and powerful state bureaucracy that itself is beholden to what President Dwight Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex.

Clinton has been a tool of this structure and has become it’s face.

Trump is a wild card.

What does it all mean?

Pilger and Jay discuss and debate in the above video.

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I gave my views of what the Presidential election means for the US stock market in a post yesterday.

You can read it here.

True Origins of Russian/US Relations Crisis Revealed – Mike Swanson (10/20/2016)

Eight years ago Democrat Senator Bill Bradley gave this speech that explained why US/Russian relations were turning sour. He explained the moment this started to happen in this speech.

Today Russia is all in the news – and TV news reports the news of the day without every putting any content into what is happening.

All TV does is try to scare its viewers into thinking some huge crisis is happening – but it never explains the origins of anything.

Bradley explained that it was all about simply expanding an instituional bureaucracy to give it more importance, power, and even jobs to the benefit of the military-industrial complex.