The Dallas Action Podcast: “Kennedy, Cuba, And The Pentagon”, with Douglas Horne (5/27/2017)

Listen to “#110~ May 27, 2017: "Kennedy, Cuba, And The Pentagon", with Douglas Horne.” on Spreaker.

The longest episode in our show’s history sees the return of Doug Horne to the show!
After a 2 & 1/2 absence, Doug is back at the table with us for a conversation, about Kennedy and the Problem of Cuba. Mr. Horne will be speaking at The Future Of Freedom Foundation’s “The National Security State And JFK” Conference to be held in Washington DC next month, at which he will be speaking on the subject contained here.
From the earliest days of the Kennedy Administration, through The Bay Of Pigs, Operation MONGOOSE, The Northwoods Documents and beyond, we’re going to discuss it ALL, in detail, with Mr. Horne.

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