War Gaming the National Security State on The Ochelli Effect – Mike Swanson (06/07/2017)

Last night at 8PM EST I was on the Ochelli Effect.

You can listen to this show via MP3 direct download by clicking here.

Notes I made before the show

Last Saturday I spoke at the event JFK and the National Security State. This was a conference filmed by C-SPAN that should air within a few weeks.

Here is a list of speakers.

I plan on talking a bit about the event.

CIA/Jones/Anton/Libertarians/JFK community.

Trump anger, confusion, and the RT.COM.

Academics to Ron Paul and Oliver Stone.

Doug Horne

Bridge talk – reading vs. talking…

What I left out… world changing….. and RT.COM – what the national security folks may not see….

Russia “hacking” report – page 18.

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